Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy 68th birthday, Mom

Honestly, I do not know the exact date of my Mom's birthday but thanks to my sis, I came to learn that it is today, 10th June. Anyway months' back, I've vowed to make a post on her birthday. I've been really missing my Mom these days.

The other day I was thinking of those rainy days back in Aizawl, that was filled with thunders and lightnings. I used to be so afraid that I always find it hard to sleep with all the lights and the rumblings.

I'd cover myself with a blanket trying hard not to hear the thunder or feel the lightning but to no avail. So after tossing and turning, I'd finally go to Mom's room and sleep next to her. That was when I finally feel safe and could fall asleep.

I know that the thunder nor the lighting stopped after sleeping next to my her but I always feel safe and protected with her. In education wise, she may not be the one that excel but she gave and gives me what I needed the most- love and security. My Mom is great and I am proud to have her as my Mother. I thank God once again for giving me YOU.

Happy Birthday again. I love you.

This photo is a bit old but I love looking at it. This is my Mom with my niece.

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