Friday, July 12, 2013

Plum picking in Manali

Place: Shuru, Manali
Date: 3rd July, 2013

First of all, never wear a frock to plum picking. Secondly, I realized that I am more of a country girl than a city girl.

It was after food when I met bhaiya who asked me if I want to go for plum picking with the rest of the guys. To ensure that I agree to go, he told me that his wife, bhabhi, will also be going along. Then I went to wear my shoes and climbed up the hill, with Vikram leading the way.

The last time I went for hill climbing was most probably with Jerusha, when we went to Manali in 2011. I was huffing and puffing all the way. I was quite positive that we were lost and when I made this remark, one of the guys said "no, not yet".

Then after sometime, which seems like an hour to me, we finally reached our destination.

There were around 8-to 10 plum trees and went crazy after seeing them hehe

Yes, I was busy plucking as well as eating the juicy once. I ate as much as I could, for which I paid the price later, but totally worth it.

 This is Vikram, the guide who got

This is bhabhi...very nice and cheerful woman, who kept on laughing at me as I was busy eating and plucking  them at the same time

The plums were very very juicy...gosh, makes my mouth water just thinking about it
Would you believe this when I say that I was able to collect this much from only one area?

The going back was not as tough as I imagined it to be as there was a very easy way..with proper road. Yes,  I confirm that we were lost on our way to the plum

The plums were distributed among the children of Dar-Ul_Fazal . When some of the children came to learn that I too went to pick the plums, they thanked me. It felt so good to see them enjoying the fruit so much.

I must mention that the farm where we went to pick plums belongs to the neighbor of Dar-Ul-Fazal Children's Home, who willingly let us take as much as we like, for the children. Thanks to the family.


Puibawiha said...

A thlum tui hmel hle mai.
Manali hi khawiah nge a awm?

Bteii Ralte said...

thlum tui tak a ni...Mizoram theite nen chuan in ang lo khop mai

Himachal Pradesh ah om