Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Do you feel that....

1. There is more than 10/11 days after 20th of each month? I truely believe that there is an extra 1/2 days added without us being aware of it, lol..or an increase in hours.

2. Days are longer after 20th

3. Though Feb has only 28/29 days a month, it seems like one of the longest months in a year

4. May is the longest month in a year....and next to that is September

5. It jinxed to talk about your love life

6. The number of gays increased day by day

(gotta end the list here for the time being..time for me to go)


mnowluck said...

Aha... OT i nei nasa ltk dats the reason y Feb seems dat long to you.. :)).. or ur broke?? LOL

Almost Unreal said...

no, think rela hard and u too will feel that this month is long, lol

and broke is not in my dictionary **BIG GRIN**

virgochhas said...

she's not broke....she's broken