Saturday, February 24, 2007

50 things about me

1. I am a Mizo

2. I was born in April 19 (year hidden, heehee)

3. I have 5 elder sisters

4. My hometown is Aizawl

5. I love to dance

6. And I love to sing too

7. I cannot sing to save my skin

8. I am not a writer

9. Nor a talker

10. But I am a good listener

11. I am a horror movie fan

12. The sight of worms freaked me out

13. I had been heart-broken

14. I am a commerce grads.

15. Back home I am a choir member :P

16. I do not want to live forever

17. But live long enough to see my grandchildren :D

18. I love to eat

19. I love chocolate

20. I love nature

21. I love walking into the wilderness

22. Currently I am in Delhi

23. I work in IBM

24. I am no politician

25. I love my family

26. I love my friends

27. I love listening to music

28. And watching TV too

29. I am not a liar

30. I am a dreamer

31. Though I cannot paint, I love art

32. I am not the most confident person

33. I may not be voted as the best dresser but will never be voted as worst dress

34. I love to sleep

35. I smoke

36. I hate cats

37. I lost my patience easily

38. I love browsing the internet

39. I am not a chat fan

40. I hate sending SMS

41. I love beer

43. My short temper is something that I am not proud of

44. I often change the color of my hair

45. I am 5'2

46. I wish to live in a fairy land - at the times of witches, fairies, magic etc

47. I trust people easily

48. I love watching reality show

49. Black is my all time favorite color

50. I wish to act in a movie as an extra *grin*

Earlier, thought of making it as 100 things about me but as the list is going to be too long, cut short to 50


mnowluck said...

Bottomline: you are a stubborn aries !!!! Just kiddin!

Sundancer said...

51. I love Hmangaihtea.
-Telh theihnghilh dawn lawm kha, I love beer tih ringawt I dah a.

Almost Unreal said...

@mnowluck....thts part of me i dnt want to talk about, lolzzzzzz...sometimes i m just too stubborn

@sundancer...wont dare to steal hmangaihtea from your sister/my cousin/roommate, lolzzzzzzzzzzzz

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

51. I irritate people
52. I don't know how to cook
53. I can be very morontic!!!

virgochhas said...

luck loh thlak ngar ngar....

internet ah hetiang han post chu leh!


i HMUH ZAWH phah em ka pi



Tina said...

Awwww.... you hate cats??? Boo hiss! My cats are GREAT!

Almost Unreal said...

@benjamin ...not sure abt No.51

No. 52 - am a good cook
no. 53..hahahha have such a very twisted mind..I am quite sure u r the only one who see it this way...i pity you...rilru negative lutuk

@tina..hahaha..yes, I just hate cats. Even one of my best friends had cat which she loved very much. She used to be irritated when I used say that I hated her cat. One day, the cat died and she called me up and I actually have to spend the night at her place cos she cried and cried,

claytonia vices said...

Hi there art lover! :-)

Almost Unreal said...

hello clayton