Thursday, March 01, 2007

Parties - Then and Now

After reaching home from the office, as usual, I was watching Tv with my cousin/roommate and watched SS (Southern Spice) and watched the songs played there. Since the bandh of all the Star TVs program and English channel, we have no much choice but watch other channels like Hallmark (the only English Channel), Zoom, Zee Music, B4U Music...:(. Recently, we found out that this SS Channel (which we never bothered to check) played English songs from 23:30(?) till...I don't know cos we never stayed up that long to find out when this program ends. All in all, all songs were great, from classic, today's, country, rock, heavy metal, etc..all mixed and best of all, no long ads and not as regularly as other channels.

So, back on the subject - as I was saying, we started chatting and talk about all what happened at work, what she did, some funny experiences with customers, etc. The SS channel gave songs like BSB, Blue etc etc.

Then we started talking about parties.

Earlier days, while we were still really young, from the time we reached our teenage..we too used to have parties. Since there are no disc or pub in Mizoram, almost all parties were house parties. So, whenever a prty is planned, there will be some good number of dance music and slow music was a must, means that there should be slow dance moment after 'The Grind'. Slow dancing was really really important.

So, those days, a party planner or a party 'thrower' would prepare for may be two hours of the 'Grind' numbers and after that the scene or the music should be changed into slow music. That's when lovers danced closed to each other, kissing etc etc, lol. Songs such as These arms will never let your heart break (don't remember th singer but I think it was a boy bad who sang I Swear, not sure though), Do you still? (La Bouche), Till Death do us apart, Right here waiting, I will be your man. Then some years passed and the songs include numbers from BSB, Westlife, etc.

Who was the boy I first danced my slow number with? umm..could't recall his name, lol.

And now the party these days. I hardly see slow numbers played these days. Even at house parties, we no longer play these slow numbers. Even if we do played slow numbers, it was simply meant for relaxation, no one bother to dance in the slo number anymore. In fact, slow dancing was quite romantic :).

Here in Delhi, most parties I go to are disc/pub where slow numbers are a 'No no'. And yes, we do dance together...holding hands or arms all over each other but then musics are of hip hop, club, house etc. No matter how much you want to hold each other close and dance, you need to move to the beat of the music...which is fast, lol. C'mon, you cannot slow-danced in hip hop lest you want to attract all the attention...looking awkward, lol.

Miss those slow-danced days.


Tina said...

I vote that you just grind whomever you are dancing with and kiss him right there - fast song and all. I guarantee nobody will care... certainly not the guy! Besides... aren't you the one saying you need to settle down? Just DO IT. Fast song. Slow song. The mood hits... just do it!
So says your American friend trying to get you in trouble! HA

Sundancer said...

The last time I danced a slow one was sometime around March last year - we danced for maybe 10 minutes, very romantic LOL
The grind was hot, and slow dancing was even hotter. Now nobody really even grinds anymore.
I can just picture you, back in those days, G-R-R-R-R-rinding to your fav duo - 2 UNLIMITED - no no limit...hahaha
lung ti leng ve mai mai..
** sundancer here! pawng topssss - incorrect password chu han ti zel a, dik tih ka hre chiang ropui si. Ka sa thruais

Sundancer said...

va han chhe takkkk, ka SAAaa

claytonia vices said...

I believe that to slow dance you need to really know how to move. I guess which is why most dancing-is-nothing-but-jumping-around-like-crazy crowds don't like it much...

Almost Unreal said...

@tina...hahahhaa, no no no, i dont kiss all the ones i danced with and I do not dance with everbody, lolzzz

yeah...need to settle down...thts wht everyone says so, lol

@sundancer..hahahhaa No limit will always be a memory..lunglen thlak eee

@clayton..well, to slow dance i feel that all you have to do is to be within the music and move along..slowly :)