Sunday, March 18, 2007

Three cheers to Opera!!!!!!

Thanks to Opera, I am now able to access sites without using proxy :) ..whew..this is such a relief.

One of the sites that I regularly visited is and the site is blocked. Beside this is the blogspot. But using proxy, I had no problem accessing them. And I was able to blog using Then, recently had disabled the non-registered comment and I found that I was unable to post any comment. Each time I tried to login, the server timed out. I was quite lost now. Then like an naswered prayer, one of my friends came online and asked him if he had any idea. He is into PHP and since this site uses wordpress, I asked him any workaround/proxy. That was when he suggest the Opera.

Me: Do you know any good proxy that let me signin and put a comment? The site use wordpress but the proxys that I am using will not either let me login or comment. I tried,, etc..but almost all the same result. I am lost so you gotta help me

Him: What browser do you use?

Me: Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

Him: Use Opera. With Opera, you need not go through proxy.

Me (with new-found excitement): Wow....great. But I don't have Opera.

Him: You will have to download it. Use Mozilla to download it and change the file destination. Download here at and save the file to C:\opera

I did as he told me to. But when I tried to access the site, it still does not load.

Me: Its not working

Him: might have to make change in the network so as to accept the proxy

Me: O..h... but how will I do that and where do I change the network setting? I've never used Opera before and I am lost here.

Him: I don't have Opera at home and so I cannot look into this.

Me (quite agitated now): But how will I do it? I don't know what proxy to use and where to enter that proxy. You've gotta know. Or download Opera yourself so that you can troubleshoot and tell me.

Or you can try in the office tomorrow. (yeah..thats where the problem is, within the office)

(How will he troubleshoot when the site is not blocked at his end, lol)

Me: Ok, I clicked on Tools > Preferences..

Him: Advanced

Opened the Advanced tab and to my releief, found the Network option there. From there clicked 'Proxy Server'....and I was lost again.

Him: You will have to give the IP and Port number for HTTP.

Gosh...where do I find that...ugh..this has taken so much time. And I tought had they not blocked the site, I won't have to go through all this trouble and will work the whole time.

Finally, the could in my brain cleared and understand where to enter the IP and Port.

Then opened a new blank page and YESSSSSS .... wonderful...its like magic, I was finally able to access the site without any problem. Best of all, no proxy required for blogspot too. Wow..this is so great.

Thank you Opera....thank you.

But I have a slight problem. As you can see, the browser would show a duplicated or shall I say twin of the page. Look at the pic for better understanding-

As you can see, while viewing the other post, the front page shows up on the left side. Now I don't know why that happen and I have no clue. I know I will have to go through the Help page or contact their Customer Care.

Any idea as to why this happen? Is the problem with the browser?

I am still very thankful to Opera :)


mnowluck said...

Aha.. lucky u dat u can download browsers and install it on your own will at your ofis comp!!!

Almost Unreal said...

hahhaa...all thanks to Mozilla Firefox, lol

mnowluck said...

Three cheers to Opera... and now u give thanks to FIrefox again huh???

If ur using firefox.. the proxy4free link will help u choosing different IP's for free.. sometimes those proxy are too good that page loads faster with those IP's than with ur real IP.. LOLz

Almost Unreal said...

well, wth mozilla no prob in with downloads and I will always be thankful to Firefox

reason with Opera is that i am now able to access the site. and hey, i use Ip from proxy4free..which helps.

will this work in Firefox too? hvnt tried it..cos of the plugins, i hate this browser, :P

mnowluck said...

It will work with every browser...

Sundancer said...

oooooo aaaaaaaaaa - tenor soprano etc, that's the opera I know!~ :PP

Almost Unreal said...

@mnow...dsnt wrk in IE, in fact all sites are blocked if i use it here

@sundancer...hahahahha...well now u know the other opera, lolzzzzzz

virgochhas said...

all i know bout opera is their those aquariums