Friday, March 09, 2007

Blogspot blocked

Gosh, I am so mad, blogspot in now blocked. Now, when I have to check my blo, I have to use proxy. with the proxy I am using, I am unable to read a comment, give a comment etc not to mention post a new entry. This really sucks.

I have no idea in what right mind make them block the blogspot. Not everyone access it and if they are concerned about the bandwidth..well, they need not worry cos people here dont use blogspot much. If its a bandwidth issue, then they should've block Orkut...everyone accessed it...some remained login during the whole shift.

Gosh...they are making our life from bad to worse...I wonder how harder they are going to make our life out here. for instance, using the metal detactor. Now you would avoid going to the wash room so as to avoid this beeper. C'mon, its so annoying. Ok, I understand that they checked us when we first came in the shift. Now, you go out to drink water, then you will have to be checked. You go to the wash room, you are checked again.....arrggrhhh this is really really annoying and a waste of time. If someone wants to do something bad, I am sure he/she will not have a single problem.

As for this post, I remember the time when the whole ISP blocked blogspot..and Kima bloged about this. So, I send him an sms yesterday asking for that porxy and got a reply from him today. It turned out that he was down with fever....and Halleluiah!!!!! now I am able to blog again :)

Thanks again Kima and hope you to get well soon.


Jason said...

Viva Kima!
Viva Proxy :)

mnowluck said...

hmmmm..... u forgot to mention that site which u hardly miss'd to check. U stream the online vdo's most of the time..(TMZ).. that will eat up the bandwidth... haahahahahahaaha...ka wang nih kha.. PROXY4Free might help too...

Almost Unreal said...

@jason...amen, amen lol. Glad that there is always workaround :)

@mnowluck...i never watched the online vids, reason - cos usually the player need to be upgraded and with all the protection, is not possible, lol

proxy4free...will try it out, thx