Friday, March 16, 2007

Missing them a lot

Pic of my nieces and nephews, all so very sweet. Miss you all a lot

Sweetest thing about is his love for insects. He is crazy about all type of insects and would even get up early in the morning to watch ants. Plus, he is the man, lol

The love of my life.
Whenever I talked to her on the phone, our conversation that never miss-

Sarah: Anute, when are you coming home? I really miss you.

I know I can't lie to her and at the same time doesn't want to hurt her feelings

Me: Soon, baby, soon
Sarah: How soon?

This is where I have to think of excuses
Me: As soon as I can get the flight ticket

Sarah (with excitement in her voice): Oh, really? Will you be able to get the the ticket today?

Me: Well, darling, I don't know. You see, I have to go to the office to book the ticket and I might have to stand on the queue

Sarah, her spirit a bit down: Oh, you have to stand on the queue. But make sure that you book the ticket as soon as possible.

Me: Yes, sure, my baby. Sure

This is how our conversation usually end.


He is Jerusha's baby, lol and brother of Mawitea. Strange thiang about this boy is that when you tell him a story (he was around 3 yrs), he'd keep mumbling whatever you said. Then after the story ends, ask him the story and he is able to repeat the whole story.

Mahima and Sangtea:
The sweet brothers. I took care of Mahima a lot when he was still an infant. Strange thing is that he was able to recognize my voice when he was just about 5 months old, lol. Even when it was his sleep time and was about to sleep, if he hear my voice, he would open his eyes and look for me, lol.

Sangtea, really really sweet. He sure looked upto his big bro Mahima. To him, his brother is the best

(LtpR- Mawitea, Sarah, Ririna&Pekkimi, Mahima and Sangtea)


Sundancer said...

Awi bawp khaw kherh khiii..lawmawm dan khi! Miss them miss them miss them, they're the ones who makes going home worth it!

Almost Unreal said...

awww...ka duh top lom kei poh, ka nui nasa lutuk

ka ngai hlom bonn top

Zorun said...

umm, hetiang rual vel nih lai hi lawm khawvel nawm lai ber chu..Lungkham la nei vak lo rual nih hi..:)

mnowluck said...

Aunteeeeeeeeeeeeee.... they are cute..

sundancer and u are kinda related huh?

Almost Unreal said...

@zorun, dik chiah e mo le...ngainom nia heng hun lai hi.

@mnowluck...well jerusha's mother happen to be my father's younger sister and so wht made us? lol