Tuesday, March 13, 2007

If wishes come true

I was reading Archie Comics the other day. The gangs were in the POP's chocklit shop when Jughead looked at the menu from 1950s. Seeing the price, he wished that he was in those time when the others reminded him that life was so hard and allowances were less. Morever, they told him that there were no video games, no tvs etc those days. That was when he no longer wish to be in those days.

Then Moose said, "Yes, we should be careful what we wish for. Like we should wish for a fine and sunny weather like today".

Dilton: If we wish for a fine and sunny weather the whole time, there will be no rain and the sea will dry up and we will all extinct

Jughead: Yeah, most of all, all those who work in raincoat factory will be jobless.

Funny but he got a point here, lol.

Then I tought, what if wishes does come true?

* No school/No education: I am quite sure that once in a while we wished that the shcool would burn down so that you need not go to school. So, if that wished had come true, won't there be a burning school almost everyday? Or fall-down school building? lol. So, if one or more of school building collapse everyday, no one will be able to run a school as he/she will be kept busy reconstructing the building.

* Peace on Earth?: I doubt it. What kind of peace we would ask for? Each person's version of peace might be different. May be another person wish for peace with a little excitement while the other want it to be very calm.

* End of terrorism?: What if the terrorist do now wish an end to terrorism?

* End of poverty: It is obvious that we all want to be rich and we surely will wish for richness but what if the other wish the other to be poorer etc etc

So, how will the world be if wishes come true? What will happen to another person when someone wishes that he could turn back time and erase that particular mistake he had done? Will the world be normal if wishes come true? How will the world be? Won't the people of the world be too busy to live a life and move ahead in life?

So, if wishes does come true, won't we all be wishing that wish don't come true?


Sundancer said...

I wish I had more money - ti leh thruai ila, sual lo ber!

mnowluck said...

U shud be a philosopher... why the heck do u work in a callcenter???

Almost Unreal said...

@sundancer...hahaha..thts one of the most important wishes to be made, lol

@mnow, bleh, lol