Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Quick update

* Been sleeping very badly the past week. No matter what time I go to bed, I tossed and turned at least for 2 to 3 hrs before falling asleep :(

* Taken the habit of drinking Carrot Juice *grin*. It tastes great and I sometime doubt if it is really healthy cos all health drinks never taste good, lol.

The ingredients:

- Nth number of carrots
- Pudina
- Beet root (1)
- Tomato (2)
- Handful of gooseberry, minus the seed
- Lime
- Salt

* Went out for house-hunting on Sunday and it was quite tiring..really hope to find a good house with a good location on time. One funny incident with one of the dealers:

We: We need two rooms flat

Dealer: Do you take non-veg?

We: Yes

Dealer: I know one flat but the landlord might not accept you if you are non veg

We: Ugh..we don't want it, then

Dealer: I will talk to him and if he is willing let a non-veg rent it, then you can take the house. I will let you know tomorrow (which is Monday)

We: How about the location?

Dealer: Location is good, its just opposite to that Heho Honda showroom

We: Alright

Gave him my number. Since I haven't heard from him till today, I guess no agreement.

* We happened to come across some T-shirt (shake, lol) and I ended up buying 4 tees with one pyjama but really worth it as they are quite cheap. One of the Tees happened to be a Gryfindore's tee, lol

* Work's quite hectic...pile of emails

* Rained today and all the clothes that I hanged out to dry are all complain, though.

* Delhi climate is so perfect these days. Had it been a summer weather, I will sure be head over heels in love with Delhi

* Due to my sleepless days (well, have to sleep during days due to work *sigh*), could not resume my walk.

* I just love having steamed vegetables these days

* Saw The Last King Of Scotland and it was such a wonderful movie..a must see

* Heard from an old friend whom I saw last almost a decade sent me an SMS out of the blue. It was surely a pleasant surprise :)

* Not seeing Victoria Beckham's pic on site sure feels good

* Saved the best for last: Someone sent me a teaser in Orkut without knowing what it was for (or so he said, hahahahaa). I actually had to look up the help page to know what it meant, lolzzzzz. Had a good laugh after realizing it. LMAO


mnowluck said...

Taken the habit of drinking Carrot Juice
=>Hmmm.. i'm afraid u will end up drinking POTATO juice (too) after a month or two. lol..

vaphualization said...

great reads!

well, about that tossing and turning for atleast 2-3 hours, it happens to me too... i just can't fight it, i just don't know why

mnowluck said...

U save teaser for the last.. good gal.. hahahaha

Almost Unreal said...

@mnow, depends on the taste, lolzzzz..and for your next comment..dont u think its worth it to save it for last? LMAO

@vaphualization, it just happened, guess no further explanation. I talked to my sister about this and she asked me the following:

1. Stress?
2. Are you worried about something?
3. Wht's bothering you, etc etc


Tina said...

I'm thinking that... if you add Tequila to your Carrot juice and drink it at bedtime... it just might solve your sleeping problem!! Let me know if it works! LOL

Sundancer said...

Gryffindor T-shirt chu ka van duh, in thleng ang hawh ka tisat nen..

Almost Unreal said...

@Tina, thanks for the tip, might be worth to try, lol. the bad news is that the carrot season had ended (so said the juice vendor) have to think of something else.

@sundancer, thla ka lo lak pui a nga, ka ron thon che nga, chuan i ta angin i ngai mai don nia, lol

zuali leh maruati ka hmuh ve a, a hlutna hi an man pha lo reng2. zuali chuan 'Harry Potter' te chu ka en ve toh' a ti, lolzzz. ruati chuan a nalh a ti ve hrim2 thung a

Ramnghaki said...

me want Da Tee too...

Sundancer kha chuan Slytherine Tee nei se...:P

claytonia vices said...

I dread house hunts and have never really got used to them irrespective of how many times I have done it...