Wednesday, March 28, 2007

5 tips to keep memory sharp

I've come across this in Yahoo! Health and thought of sharing it here.

1. Get an uninterrupted eight hours of sleep each night.

- Since I go to office at night, I have to sleep during day. But I guess it could be referred as my night. No way I sleep for eight hours for I don't know how long, I am thankful if I sleep for 5 hrs.

2. Do a half an hour of cardiovascular exercise every day, such as brisk walking, slow jogging, biking, or swimming. This will improve circulation and increase blood flow to the brain.

- Walking; this I do almost everyday

3. Turn yourself upside down for a couple of minutes daily.

- Impossible *grin*

4. Mental fitness activities are imperative to prevent age-related cognitive decline. Read and learn new things, find new hobbies, do crossword puzzles, add up your bill in your head while shopping, memorize a set of phone numbers forward and backwards; all these can stimulate brain cell activities and in some cases even grow new brain pathways.

New hobbies, hmmm. Did some adding in my head. Memorize phone numbers? My phone number and my house number are the only numbers that I memorized.

5. Work with your physician to find a supplemental regimen that helps improve your cognitive capabilities. Memory-enhancing supplements and herbs include B-complex vitamins, magnesium, CoQ10, alpha-lipoic acid, fish oil, flax seed oil, Chinese club moss, ginkgo, and ginseng. A supplement that has been well-documented in Europe for reversing age-related dementia and memory loss is phosphatidylserine (PS), a compound made by the body from the amino acid serine. Taken in supplement form, PS lowers stress response and promotes the release of neurotransmitters in the brain that facilitate thought, reasoning, and concentration.

- Will have to see about this.


Sundancer said...

awl ber khi bawhzui ila, ei lam chi khi. Letling zawng a awm tih angreng vel khi chu nahi purana ani tops. Sangha damdawi tih vel ei ila thra ang, awl zok

Zorun said...

Kha i thra maw? i va vang thin em tunlai..:)

mnowluck said...


3. Turn yourself upside down for a couple of minutes daily.

- Impossible *grin*

=>>>Why?? Ur PUM is too heavy for your head??? Dulkiar???

Ramnghaki said...

i usualyy sleep for 8 or more hours..


mnowluck said...

Can't sleep for more than 7 hours at a stretch..

Almost Unreal said...

@subdab\ncer..dik chiah, ol ol hi tih mai tur. leh a letling om ho hian rilru a chak pha e an tih poh ka hre lo, lolzzzz

@zorun, thra ve hram2 e. nang deuh lom vang

@mnow..bleh..i dul a kiar a nih mai chu, lol

can't sleep fo 7 hrs at stretch? congrats, lol cos if its more..i dnt know wht will happen to u

@rami...hahahhahaa..looking at you, u need all the sleep u can take

Anonymous said...

Stop drinking that Booze, oops, i mean that Tequila, and your memory will be restored...

Almost Unreal said...

anon, bleh, lolzzz

mnowluck said...

Anon, bleh???

Appropriate reply should be Amen, anon, bleh :P

illusionaire said...

I sleep just 4-5 hours a day, even less. Its an old habit of mine, but when I do sleep that few hours everyday, I make sure it is uninterrupted. Phone in silent, room locked etc.

And yeah, I play a lot, even till now. Although all the guys at the basketball court tease me as "Pu Veteran" I still play. By the way, tomoro our veng local tournament is starting!!!! Inter group (Y1, Y2, M1, M2 etc) match at our newly constructed Chaltlang bb court. hehehe. wish me all the best. ur M2 rite? Im M1. huissss :-)

Almost Unreal said...

@illusion, i agree that uninterruted sleep is really important. prob is if u have to go to wrk everyday for 9 hrs, thats when the prob comes

Tina said...

I kept forgetting what the topic was and had to keep scrolling back up to see "5 tips to keep memory sharp". Guess I should try some of those every once in a while myself!

As for turning yourself upside down... a little more Tequila might do the trick!

Almost Unreal said...

good suggestion, tina

to keep your memory sharp, I suggest you to try the - Turn yourself upside down for a couple of minutes daily., tactic, lol