Saturday, February 10, 2007


The past two weeks had been so hectic...could hardly find the time to even breath, lol. Had breathing not the necessity of life and a sign of life, I won't even breath....that's how busy I was, not exgarrating *GRIN*

I was so busy that I could not even find the time to check my blog...forget about update. I tought that I would update more regularly but that was in vain.

In my last post, I had metioned that there was no wrk for two days and I was happy. Then, Monday was my off and when I went to office on Tuesday, I was horrified to learn that there were 800+ emails. And the reason that there was no work that day was because of bug in the software *sniff*. Since that day...busy..busy..busy

I hate to stay overtime and so I always make sure that I met my target.....but still had to stay for OT. I am not saying that I hate my job but I no longer like it either.

How can I workd best? Well, give me system with sound card installed and a head phone and I will work without complain and might be willing to even stay for over time hee hee..oh..the keyboard must be good too :P

Lots of things happened. Shocked to read about Anna Nicole's death; someone so alive and whom you see on the internet almost everyday..dead..shocking. I am surprised but I am saddened by her death..still so young.


virgochhas said...


thawk lo chuan ei pawh ei suh se" tih ziak a nih kha...lawm roh


itz better den getting bored cos derz no work



Almost Unreal said...


Sundancer said...

Hna ah buai buai lo hian, chhas zawn ah buai zawk tur! harh rawh ka unau!!