Sunday, September 23, 2007

For you, my friend Johny

who say life is easy... pain, hurt, tears, betrayed, eager, longing,.... its worthless to live... but when you figure it out that love is that matter after all... it sure make everything seems so small..

So, here I am, to show your love for Carrie, lol. Hope she's worth it and hope that she finally accept your love 'cos this is the second time she is in my blog (bcos of you), hahahaha :)


sawmpuia said...

Above all love... agree :-)

Anonymous said...

Hmanna tang toh khan post ka tum thin a.. ka thei lo a... Kalawm e B-te.. I ngaihawm vawng vawng khawp mai.. :-)

Almost Unreal said...

ve ta hraaammmm che chuan