Friday, September 21, 2007

My sweet sweet nephew, Isaac

My sweet nephew, Isaac, so funny.

The other day I was talking to him on the phone (while his mother's pregnant with his baby sister)

Me: Isaac, we have a cat, do you want it?

Isaac: Yes, of course

Me: Then let's exchange it with the baby in your mother's womb?


Isaac: Why?

Me: Because we want a baby and we don't have any baby

Isaac: that because my elder sister and I are so beautiful?

(laughed) Me: Yes, that is the reason

Isaac: Since we are so think that the baby will be beautiful too?


Me: Yes, of course. So, what do you say if we exchange your little sister with our cat?

After thingking for sometime...

Isaac: Is the cat pregnant?

Me: Yes

Isaac: So, if the cat is pregnant, can I keep the litters?

Me: Yes, of course, you can keep them

Isaac (with excitement in his voice): Ok then, the maid and I will come and take the cat tomorrow and you can take the baby as soon as she is born.

There, we got the agreement.



Anonymous said...

chwweeetest of all......ka duhlai anih hi:)

Almost Unreal said...

he nau hi chu a lom om nia, trong duh ropui si

mnowluck said...

Like aunty like nephew :P

Fawkfawk mi kha a ni m??

Almost Unreal said...

hahaha..nge like aunty like nephew nih na le, lol

Fawkfawk kha chu a ni lo

ee, fawk2 kha a thlalak ka ron thon ang che, lol

Maruata said...

ha ha....cute reuh :)