Saturday, September 08, 2007

Mail vrs Email

I was writing a mail to a friend the other day when this guest of ours asked me

"Bte, are you writing a letter?"

Me (laughing): "Yes, I am. Isn't it funny? We are living in a computer world and I am writing a letter." and I laughed it off.

Then he said, with somehow a serious tone, "No, its not funny. In fact I love letters, it is priceless. Nothing will replace mails. It is so precious".

Me: "Hey, you know, you are right. It is priceless and I love receiving them. It is to be cherished".

May be I am a sentimental person. I remember when I read 'Firestarter' by Stephen King several years ago, the girl, the Firestarter burnt down a couple's house when the lady cried to her husband and said "I do not care about the furnitures but I lost all the love letters that you have written to me while you were in the army." I can feel her pain (though only a book, lol).

Yes, mails - all you have to do is take out the mail when you feel lonely, feel the sender's presence.

No problem is there is a power cut for 24/7, you can still read them.

They will never be deleted from the servers, in case you neglect to check your emails for months.

Free from virus or hackers or whatever there is in the internet world.

Well, that's a personal opinion :)

Just to make myself clearer, let me quote out lines from the song 'Love Letters' by Diana Krall -

Love letters straight from your heart
Keep us so near while we're apart
I'm not alone in the night
When I can have all the love you write

I memorize every line
I kiss the name that you sign
And darling, then I read again
Right from the start
Love letters straight from your heart


mnowluck said...


Tina said...

"in case you neglect to check your emails for months"

Surely this doesn't REALLY happen, does it? How could someone NOT check email for months???


Almost Unreal said... u agreed, grt, you are cleaverer than i thought, lol happened to me, fact i lost one photograph that I really really liked

mnowluck said...

salah..ka agree lo mai dawn mi min lo ngai leh ltk ang e.. akekeke

sawmpuia said...

kan thianpa chuan a ziah a ziah a tha ber server a down ve ngai silo a ti :-0

Almost Unreal said...

@mnowluck..hahahaha..c'mon grow up, lol

@sawmpuia: i thianpa chuan ti dik chiah a nih chu...server down a om le lo :)

lunglen deuh chuan va lak zeuh mai tur