Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Birthday Party :P

Date: 19th April, 2008
Theme: Flowers
Venue: K-226, Sarita Vihar, N. Delhi
Guests: Selected few :P

Now, I am not going to reveal what was on the menu but you won't be wrong if the guess is "great menu", hihi.

As the theme of th party was 'Flower', I was quiet intrigued what the reaction would be with some of my guests. It was either a flowery shirt, dress or a flower. Here is a few reaction:

"Flowers??? Oh no, no way..I have never hold a flower. I don't want to come if I have to wear something flower".

"Flowers? oh no..that's a big problem"

"I really want to go but the main issue is that the theme is 'flower'".

"Flowers? Alright, since I do not have flowery shirt, I will bring flowers."

The good news is that all my expected guests turned up..with flowers, of course.

I got a call right after midnight. A call from Illusionaire in the morning and his report on the Basketball tournament was funny but I was too sleepy at that time to laugh..(but I really find it funny and interesting about the tournament).

I was busy right from the moment I woke up; preparing the house, shopping and searching for flowery dress for me to wear. After a long tiring and no time to rest day, we finally began to settle down.

With guests coming in and food to cook, I was quite busy.

There was, of course, the dance. Funny thing was that we danced to whatever was played..from Akele hai, to kya gham hai. (from QMSQMT) to If you love he..hahahaha

And last but not the least..the birthday girl..hahahha


Jerusha said...

Awi lalmatea hmen hmon chuh! Nula 2 khiii, the hair the hair hahahah a in ang chiah chiah, a pial dan, a pialna, a thenna hahaha

Puia said...

ekhai, lenlaini in va chen deuh bik ve..:)

a reng rengin i lang ling khups mai.. Pu Kima chu i sake pui deuh lawm ni, a ni hi a lam thiam hmel reng reng a..:)

Almost Unreal said...

@jerusha: kan hair-ish-sytle hi tiang em2 a in ang tih ka lo hre lo reng2..thlalak hi ka hmu a, ka hre chauh, lolzz

@puia: chen hi a khat em a..kan han chen ve lok ni e


illusionaire said...

"Flower theme" a nih vang a ni mawwww Matea kha a lo phur em em khami ni a ka phone khan. A ni hi chu a "flowery" ve deuh hlek a, if you know what I mean. Buaithlak thei lutuk a ruih leh phei phei chuan. Mipa ho chu boxer nen a mut chi loh reng reng a bulah... :-)

Great pics. Wish I was there too. Matea te rui lai lo bawl leh mai mai ka chak.

DayDreamBeliever said...

happy belated birthday! Flowers...hmmmm...nuam ngot ang

Almost Unreal said...

@illusionaire: i van sual tak e awww..jka hrilh don..hahahaha

yup, you should've been here. I haw vel a nih kha

@daydreambeliever: thx :) ...nuam ve mai2 reuh ltk

sawmpuia said...

Kelsa in ei ka ring :-) hei Ruspuii Kum chhiar ngam tohloh poh pui taka lom kan tum....

Almost Unreal said...

nge kelsa han tih teh ngot, lolzzz

tak2 in sial ltk ka siam..ehh