Wednesday, April 16, 2008


This is going to be quite a short update.

I have been thinking about different religions.

We all believe that there is one God, who is in heaven but why are we so against each other?

Which one is the right religion? when we feel and know that the religion we hold on to is the right one.

Religion is built by faith and this is what keep us moving, disciplined us, makes us do what is right and wrong, avoid to fall into sin: but what if the other one's religion is fake, will he/she be punished at the end? when they give their best while alive?

What will happen to the devotees if the religion he/she hold on to was the wrong one? What good is her sacrifice?


Jerusha said...

Seems to me that I've been thinking about the exact same thing a lot these just seems so unfair, for whoever devoted his/her life to the 'wrong' God.

sawmpuia said...

alert pluralism ;-) Nia tiraw, khawvel top ah hian isua nilo vai pathian bansawm nei hi rawn au ta luah luah se, kan hoi lol lol ang chu.Nway we live by faith as you said.

By the way Pu zoramthanga ka hrilh dawn chiang mai hei hi :-)

Almost Unreal said...

@jerusha: yup, it's unfair

@sawmpuia: pluralism lam poh a ni lo, he thil hi chu...han chhut ve neuh2 la, han en ve la..a fair lo a fast, ni 9 chhung top te..keini chaw nghei nen hian in ang reng ang chu