Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quotable quote

“Meeting with Nalini was my way of coming to peace with violence and loss that I have experienced
”- Priyanka Vadra

I would be deeply grateful if this could be respected. I don’t believe in anger, hatred and violence and I refuse to allow it to overpower my life.” - Priyanka Vadra

We (the Gandhis) do not carry anger or violence” - Rahul Gandhi

comments after Priyanka's visit to her father's (Rajiv Gandhi) assassin


I have recently read about Priyanka's (Gandhi) visit to her father's assassin and I have to say that I have been deeply touched. I kept questioning myself if I will ever be able have such thought and the answer is mostly negative. The line I which truly touched me and want to learn is -

I don’t believe in anger, hatred and violence and I refuse to allow it to overpower my life.

I wish I have the strength to say the same :)


Jerusha said...
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Jerusha said...

I don't believe any of our other politicians are capable of such nobility. This is why the Gandhis will always get my vote. One can actually look up to them, admire them, be awed in their presences..which I cannot say for most other politician/political families. Hell, they're the only ones better looking than us :DD LOL! Hmelchhe hlawm eee mai tam zawk hi chu a, an hmelchhiat vang poh hian vote loh tlak! hahah

sawmpuia said...

Hmmm. Khawvela awm kan nih chuan thinurna te, tahna te a tawp dawnlo. Chuvang chuan Priyanka thusoi hi mipui hipna mai a ni lo maw? Gandhi non-violence pawh hi an chip fe tawh reng a ni. A engpoh nise mi ka chunga an thinrim chuan nuam ka ti hauhlo kei chuan :-)

DayDreamBeliever said...

My first reaction when I read Priyanka's remarks was, "WOW, that's something" but when I really think bout it, it sounds very noble, but also very unlikely. However, kudos to her for at least making an effort.

Almost Unreal said...

@jerusha: i agree with you..the only politician family that we can be proud of (by looks and nobility), eh!

@sawmpuia: tianga ron soi hi om ka lo beisei reng a ni, lolzzz

@daydreambeliever: I dont think much, I guess..but I have to admit that I was really touched by her words and I start to give my full respect to the Gandhis....a leader is born

amuana said...

happy b'day

Almost Unreal said...

amuan: thx :)