Friday, February 24, 2006

..And all because of Nutrela

..I've almost lost my 'now' one of my best friends. sounds strange and somehow funny but this is the truth. This nutrela incident flashed back to me when I brought netrrla for my tiffin the other day. As told by my cousin, our dear friend tried to take away her life once with a fountain pen because of nutrela. It all happend tht she borught a netrela for her tiffin while she was in primary school. while in class, all of a sudden, her tiffin fell and the nutrela rolled out from her tiffin. She was so embarassed by the incident that she decided to take away her life with the fountain pen she ws holding at that moment. But, thankfully, she did not...else I would've never met such a good friend. May be it was fate that she did not take her life that day (with a fountain pen), ha ha ha, to think I almost lost a now my best friend because of nutrela :))

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