Thursday, February 23, 2006

Following the Healthy tips

Some general tips for an optima workstation sitting posture:

You should have head over your shoulders & not lean forward. - Hardly lean forward...leaned sideways, sometimes.

Your arm should be relaxed by your side. - I keep myself relaxed as far as possible

Fore arm should be parallel to your side. - Need to move my arms a lot, so...

Your wrist should be neutral. - I continously have to use my hands, i guess its always neutral

Your fingers should be relaxed. - Relaxed on the keyboard..never typed loudly

Your lower back should be supported by the backrest of the chair. - The backrest of my chair is very supportive

Your knees should be lower than your hips. - Either of the legs are always lower

And the feet should be flat on the floor. - Rested on my foot port

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Sundancer said...

Awih awm zozai lo eeeeeee....
I Baa Baa Black Sheep lutuk, dawt sawi dawn pawn khawvel pumpui hma ah em em hi chuan saw tawh suh.