Thursday, February 09, 2006

Its 4 in the morning

Its 4:39 am, to be exact and here I am, in fron of my system, working...and I am tired. The sound of the vacuum cleaner is bugging me, hard to concentrate especially with this sound and an old hidi song played. I cannot listen to my own choice, even in my system, of music due to different music taste with my colleague. I remember, one day I played shania Twain and they'd asked me "Why is she crying?" Think of it, what will you do if you were in my shoes, working in the same place, seeing them everyday and have to bear the songs that they played. The other day, I another song and they's asked me "Why is the singer shouting" and when I played some old rock and roll music, they's ask "What kind of music is this"---these are just a few examples. All they understand is typical Hindi music, not even music - songs, GNR and Enrique Iglesias (beng played at the moment).

I am having my training and enjoying every moment of it, lol.

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