Sunday, February 05, 2006

Today's Party....!!!!!!!

Today is the great (?) IBM Day. At first I got no intention of attending this party but since I have to go to the office after the party, I thought "What the heck" and attended the party. I arrived fashionably late, lol, for the party. The food was good and the place was okay. No hard drinks served, just beer, but so sad that I didn't dare even a single sip of the beer, even if I wanted to so badly, lol, as I still have to go to the office. I have to be on guard somehow :(. But the best part, of all, was performance by Parikrama. The music was great, sound was good and the vocalist was sooooooooo cool :). I enjoyed the music alot and that was why I was late for my work. My shift starts at 4pm but was still there at 4.

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