Saturday, April 08, 2006


I've been so busy with my work that I have no time to add new post. As I was lying awake, concentrating to fall asleep, my concentration (lol) took me to think about my blog and that was when I realized that I have not added any post in this negligence of me.

Well, here's a quick update. Life's been busy that I hardly find the time to view my own blog. Here's the updates:

1. My shift changed from 7:45 am to 13:15...whew...No more getting up early in the morning (might not sound logical but it sure makes lots of difference to me)

2. My pick-up is quite late and this spares me lots of spare time dressing up and do stuff, lol

3. The weather is becoming hotter day by day

3. Almost time for me to quit smoking (as I've told my 'friend' some times back that I'll quit when summer comes. So the other night he asked me whether I have quit or not and when I said no, he said "You've told me that you'll quit when summer comes". I was almost lost for words but manage to reply by saying that summer hasn't really started..Thankfully he understand :) )

4. Its my birth month and so it is a special month for me

5. I got a "Executive Support - Technical" profile with a salary hike :)

6. My team's suppose to go to Rishi Kesh but the management won't let me go which makes me quite mad

7. American Idol is becoming more and more interesting...I pray for Chris..while my cousin Jer prays for Taylor (sam vara), lol

9. Met a guy who offers me a job..which I might take

10. Today my pic-up came at 13:10 and my shift starts at 13:15...quite cool

That's the update...what's been happening int his past week


Sundancer said...

Taylor - ****BLEH****
Ka ten!!!!

Almost Unreal said...

Ha ha ha...i duh hle kha o. Ka ten thu ka soi thrin lai te khan "Kei chu a fel hmel ka ti, ka tran, ka duh..." i ti vel thrin a nih kha.

Taka, Kenny Rogers hi a hmel plastic ek a sin..a nga toh lo reng2

Sundancer said...

A lo in botox ve vak aniang chu..a recent picture ka hmuh lohna chhin pawh ka hre tawh lo, kan zawng chhin ang e/