Thursday, April 27, 2006

Pampering Feet...

One of my online convos and I mentioned to a fren of mine.. I am so tired... he asked me to go for a gud massage.. I said.. there is no chance for it at this hour of the day (was abt 12.00am).. He suggested me to pamper my feet by soaking in the warm water... I kinda gave him a raised eyebrow... huh... And I raised such questions????????

If ppl have their feet massaged to sooth their tired body, why do they go for other massages like the back massage.. very argumentative... ha ha........... cant help it... :D

I think he kinda gave up at this point and gave me a sarcastic suggestion.. why dont u raise the question at your blog..... for opinions...

Well.. he has send me a pic as well... :) ..........but this pic raised a new question...what will happen to ppl with no legs if its so connected..


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illusionaire said...

Foot massage is great, but I prefer head massages :-D

Check out one of my post about head massages. Man, it is really relaxing and satisfying.