Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dreaded question

"What is your future plan?"

"Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?"

Whenever I am asked this question, I was always like..."Duh!!!...uummm...ahhh...hmm...what's the question again?". I really hate this question.

Last year, when I chat with Jit, he always asked me this question - What is your plan?

To which my answers were - I don't have a plan...(ugh) .

Sometimes I'd say "This is the question that I have been asking myself to which I ahve no answer". Then he's advised me to make my future plan.

He'd say "Make plan, just don't live like that. Make plan...plan your future" and we started argueing on this.

Yes, I always asked myself what I want to be and no answer. Everyone advised me to move ahead, change my company etc etc. And I kept telling them that that was my intension but.....I am still here.

The other night, while waiting for my cab I was sitting with my landlord and landlady. Then uncle suddenly asked me "When are you getting married?".

I started laughing and said "Uncle, I don't know" and he just smiled then later said "I will attend your wedding"........hahahha

So, what steps do I need to take?

1. Need to move from my pleasure zone - yes, this is the main hindrance

2. Start planning my future (and stop living day by day)


Sundancer said...

Pleasure zone - a sexual eee a rik dan hi! Khawi atrangin/khawi ah nge I pleasure zone chu move tum a? :D Front to back ami? LOL

Almost Unreal said...

I ngaihtuah na hi awwww, unau nu..he ka ziah lai hian tiang lam hi rilruah siki them pon a lang lo.

Kan ngaihtuahna suk thlek dan hriat e


Tina said...

I'd start by finding something very simple that you want to do but have been putting off... maybe a change in jobs or asking for a raise or something like that. Then give it a date - a realistic date. If it's something simple like asking for a raise, and you have to move the date, it won't hurt too badly. BUT... once you've finished what you set out to do (for example, ask for the raise) it's going to feel SO good... such a sense of completion. Hopefully this will be such a positive experience you'll dive right into a new goal, and then another and another. Keep it simple at first; You don't have to have a HUGE plan for the future, but if you plan a few things here and there, they will lead to bigger things and before you know it, you WILL have a good idea of where you will be in 5 years.
Good luck!

Almost Unreal said...

@tina, thank you so much

illusionaire said...

Pasal neih vat vat i tum a ni moooooo.... khu lam sam a truak tran tawh em ni? :-)

Almost Unreal said...

lalillusion, bleh...pasal neih lam poh a la lan hleih theih loh hi....khu lam suam tuah leh tuah lovah ka la la buai ve lo..unlike you :D