Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Food Court

Location: DLF Cybergreen DLF Cyber City,
Phase - III, Sector - 25A
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Well, I think its high time that I talk about this Food Court. As the name says, its the food court where you find all the eateries from MacDonalds, Pizza Corner, the Italian food, Mexican, North Indian, South Indian, Salad bar, Baskin Robins..then Mojo's bar and restaurant.

Though I havent tried out all the counters here, I just love this place as you have varieties of food to choose.

So, if you come here, the first counter on the left is MacDs. I just love their French fries. The other day, as I was on my way to office, I tought of having milk shake from here but wasn't sure whether it is available or not. So, my thought was that if no milk shake, then I'll go for the cold coffee. So, when I reached this counter, the first thing I asked was for the milkshake and yno, no milk shake. No other customer at that moment and I saw the duties chatting to each other.

So, I asked, "Do you have a milk shake?" (not bothering to check the menu) to wich the duty said (without turning his head fully), "No ma'm". I was about to ask for the cold coffee but since the duty was not responsive, changed my mind and go to the Subway counter instead, which is just opposite to MacD's. I was pleased to see them so alert, whether there were customer or not. So, I had their cold coffee. For sometimes, I feel a bit reluctant to go back to MacD's so avoid this counter for awhile. But...the French fries....too yummy...this day, it was a different experience. The duty was a great sales man....kept asking me if I want anything I ordered the cold coffee, :D

I haven't tried much of Subway..really wish they have something I like as the workers are very alert and ready to serve you. I tried one of their Subways the other day and it wasn't bad....will go back someday.

Then, there is this "Chinese & Thai Express" - my favorite. I dont know how many times I have told myself not to go back to this counter (for this month :D) but always end up there. If you ever go to this counter, or if you go to any of their restaurant, try their 'Chicken Mala', it is awesome. No masala but hot with chillies...its just so great. I don't know if the chefs there are better than any of their chain, but try their Chicken Mala and Chilli garlic Noodles...they are jsut wonderful. My only complaint about this place is that they are making me fat but thinning down my purse :(.....if only it had been vice-versa

Next to this counter is the Sanskriti..the South Indian food counter. I had, (yes, sundancer I had Masala Dosa which was great. When I had something from here, I always end up having Masala Dosa with Masala Chai. As I was standing in the counter placing my order, the counter duty asked me whether I want anything else (that time I ordered just the dosa). I couldnt find the words 'masala chai', and looking at me, the duty said with a smile 'Masala chai'...sweet of him to remember what I always had.

Then there is this North Indian food counter and I think the name is Santushti..not sure..they are all great.

Opposite to this is the Salad but worth it...I just love the salad there..then next to that is the DT Cinemas counter with the Barrista coffy...yummy

Though I haven't tried out what the Mojo's Bar, I have tried their food (treat from Rajib to the Smallbiz group) and let me tell you, there is no complain from my side. I love the food, the rotis, the sabjis, the fried chillies.....delicious

I just love the ice creams from Baskin Robins...

I haven't tried the other counters but made a project to try each of the food :)

Till then....I am out of here


Sundancer said...

Awiss min ti riltram ltk. Tunah hian zanlai chu ni lo se, MacD's french fries ei tur ringawtin ka chhuak nal nal ang. Ka it bonra!

Almost Unreal said...

MacDs French fries ngat hi chu a vaw-ri ve chiang a eee

Tina said...

Man... I'm heavy and I haven't eaten at hardly ANY of these places. Thank goodness there is no mall or food court by where I live and work! I'd be HUGE!

Here in the USA Subway has a low carb chicken wrap with lettuce, chicken, bacon and ranch dressing. It's wonderful!

I'd love to try some Tai food sometime, but am always afraid as I don't know what it is. We have many Tai restaurants here but... I want to know what it is before I order it, but then don't want to go in looking stupid since I know nothing about the genre of food. ARGH!

Have a good weekend. Always a pleasure reading your blogs!