Sunday, October 15, 2006

My favorite Office activities

List of my favorite office activities:

1. Punched a break for Kana login time which took around 10 to 15mins

2. Property meet (most of the time, my colleagues used Hindi to discuss any of the topics that came up and so I don't have to listen to what they a great time pass for me :P)

3. Best Response workshop - as no.2 besides, everyone is so very willing to give answers, whether correct or not, so I do not need to speak out...just nod my head occasionally in an agreement to the suggestion given :)

4. Punch break - 1 hr break during the whole 9.15 working hour and I made sure I used up this break and sometimes exceeded :D

5. Pizza party (occassion)

6. Logging into messenger

7. Punched 'Queue empty' break, especially in weekend. Though I sometimes wish that I have my off on weekend, the only thing that stopped me from bringing this up to my TL or supervisors is the longing to puch this 'queue empty' break. No chance during weekdays.

8. Browsing the internet

9. Accessing customer's site and check out their photo galleries :P (they sure have interesting gallery)

10. Accessing

11. Listening to music from my system

12. Puching 'Logout' once the shift ends. Not a minute spared here - as soon as the shift ends, log off from the system

13. Board my cab

14. Head straight to Lajpat Nagar for my drop


Sundancer said...

'punch' tih leh 'break' tih khi va tam veeee! LOL

Almost Unreal said...

Hahaha...'punch' hi poimoh em2 a ni, ka office nunah hian. Case kan khoih zong2 a ID kan punch vek a, chuan break...kan thil tih reng2 hi ounch leh punch loh hian am rule hneh ltk tlts

Shekhar said...

Keep up this gud work! I m happy to see that u r following the tradition of punching maximum breaks and doing minimum work! Hats off to u :-))

Almost Unreal said...

Hahaha..shut up shekhar...these 'punched case' are clubbeb, alright? lol

Jason said...

Poor soul! You need a break!