Saturday, October 07, 2006

A little good news

When I reached office, I did the usual routine - log into contact soft, mark my attendance, logged into Kana and open my Outlook mails.

There in Outlook, I see the usual mails - infomation on QA, MTD, fuzzies etc etc. Then I come across the subject line that says "SBiz: Our dark horse" and wonder what that mail is about. When I open that mail, to my surprise it was about me about my performance. The mail show that my overall C-sat (Customer Satisfaction) was is such a wonderful news. Its the agent out here who knows how difficult it is to get a c-sat of 7 above and I believe I topped the C-Sat for the month of September. Then I said a silent prayer to God for remembering me. My work was finally recognised.

Earlier our QE used to send out emails on inforamtion which he christened it "Top Guns" and my name was never there while I knew that the Top Guns' c-sat were lower than mine It sometimes hurts. I know the C-Sat in WSS is low (which I cannot help because of all the policies) and this is the reason why I kept silent about this.

Anyway, I am just happy with the 8.42 figure.

Few feedbacks I received from our managers


We missed the contribution of one colleague for the month of Sep, 06.

I would like to apologies to all of you for not appreciating this teammate

for a great performance.

This person strived hard to break all the barriers in WH.

Bteii, you have done it.

Thanks to Sherry who found this while preparing a report.

Keep up the good work Bteii. We all appreciate your hard work & constant efforts.

Another one said:

Great work

I am speechless. Great going girl


This is Awesome!!! Very Cool Bteii!!


Sundancer said...

Wow! Great work cuz! I'm proud of you.

illusionaire said...

Congrats saaas!!!!! ur tha man! :-D

Almost Unreal said...

@sundancer and @illusion, thanks a million. This sure boost up my confidence :)

Manoj Kumar Thakur said...

Hey Bteii,

Good to hear this. Excellent performance. I m sure you will give us lots of chances to see such emails. Great job done.