Monday, October 16, 2006

Wife Swap

Wife Swap has been one of my favorite TV show. I guess I am more of a reality freak than the fictional ones. I first came across this Wife Swap show in Hallmark and have been enjoying this show ever since. Then Hallmark stopped this show and now glad to see it back on Travel & Living.

So, this show is about two families swapping the wives. The wife will go to the other's house and for the first week, will live according to that wife's rule for one week and then from the next week, that family has to live according to that wife's rule.

One of the most interesting part of this show is that how strange these people are. I have come across in some episodes where the family still does not own a TV (not that they could not afford it), some does not have gas stove so the family eat raw vegetables, some sold their land and house and buy a this (I call it) tour bus and have lived with their family there, lots of home schoolso as to keep their children free from sin of the world as they call it. All in all, this show is very very interesting.

I decided to write about this 'cos of the episode that I watched today.

Though I misses the part of the first week of the swap, I knew that it was really really interesting one as I was watching the second week when the family started living according to that wife's rule.

I t was about this wite and balck family. The white family was Christian, who prays regularly a day and the black family was more of an anti-christ.

So, when the wife of the black family was imposed, the first change she made was stop their regular prayers and said that if she ever find the father prays, he will have to fine $1 with each prayer and turned their Prayer Request Box into a money box where to keep the money each time she caught the man pray. I was quite shocked to see this. I felt that this woman had gone too far when she tried to let the husband wear a Tee with a print that says "God" in a red circle and crossed out with red line - like the No Smoking sign. The husband did not want to wear this and they were arguing............then my cab came and I was unable to find out how it ends.

The reason I've said this is because this involves religion. I feel that we are all quite sensitive about our own religion (those who follow a certain religion). In this case, this black woman and her family does not have a religion and more of an anti-christ, as per the posters in their house and this is why she has no respect for religion. Ok, for instance I was to swap my place with a Hindu, the one thing I will never change about them is their prayers or is it callled puja(?)


Sundancer said...

No Hallmark channel, T&C is always full of 'muri' - en theih loh.

Almost Unreal said... it dubbed in Telegu?, lol. In antenna her that a ngai nih chu. In antenna kha Bangladesh lam hoi tir la, a dik mai ang

Tina said...

I too watch this show - try to watch it every week. I didn't see this one episode you are referring to here with the woman who outlawed religion. What a shame. Although... if you carry your religion in you - in your heart and by what you do and say - simply not being able to say a prayer at home aloud for a week shouldn't be too bad. I often times see people very religious at church - praying, kneeling, the whole thing --- but bump into them in the street or in the grocery store and they are completely different. Sad really.