Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Time for a little update. These past days, there are huge inflows of work and so I hardly find the time to even check my blog. So, here's a little update, just for the sake of update:

1. Start the 2 hrs post shift OT (overtime) - dont know how long this gonna take but sure hope not more than a week

2. Lost my water bottle- This might sound funny to you but I was quite fond of that bottle and I really miss my bottle, my blue water bottle. It so happen that I filled with warm water (as usual) from the pantry and left there (as always) and went inside the the wash room. When I got back, there was no sign of my water bottle :(. I looked around but in vain....simply vanished into thin air. Whoseover took my bottle (there was just 1 guy in that locker room at that moment, so he is the main suspect, lol), please take good care of it and hope it is as useful to you as it is to me.

3. Client visit - Best part of the client's visit is the Pizza party :D. So, today we got a visit from Rob(?) who was so happy with our performance and so we had the party. It was awesome.

4. A pizza party from the Deputy Manager last Monday

5. My 'Today's Fortune' (as per Orkut): The star of riches is shining upon you - Not bad..I really needed this, lol

6. My horoscope says:

Store your resources and prepare for a dramatic return to the center of the action.

Teach what you need to understand. That way you'll make sure you know your material before you present it. Hmm -- maybe it's time to mentor someone at work or volunteer with an after-school program.

Thats it for now. Have to go...


Sundancer said...

Water bottle LOL! Akshay pawh a phun a phun kha, a bottle duh ber miin an lo lak bo sak aniang, an 'ru' ati kher a. awihawm loh ltk a, bottle tam em em kar a ani bottle ruk LOL
who's Rob? A chhiat loh hmel :P

Almost Unreal said...

Hahaha..uih om duh zia, Akshay poh chu ka hrethiam khop mai tih lo hrilh roh, lolzzz.

Rob maw...tiang lam pon ka lo en lem lo...he is OK, I gues

illusionaire said...

hahahawater botol i inhmeh tawps!!!!!!! lolz i am trying to picturing u in my mind with ur water bottle.... vai tringtrang tawh mai mai!!!

Almost Unreal said...

laugh all you want, illusion...bleh...ka ui teh mai a nia, lolzzz. Nakinah ka bottle bo hi a thlalak ka ron post ang, ka thlalak pakhatah a lo lang hlauh