Friday, January 12, 2007

Arrggghhh X-(

This person made me real mad. I had been thinking about whether I'd write about him or not and since I have some time to kill, I decided to write about it.

There is this guy, my colleague (ex..I am not sure he still works here or not) who is from Kolkatta. I remember the first time I met him it was in the lift and I was with my other team mate. Then he asked where I was from. And being new, I was very polite towards him and told him where I was from.

Then the next time we happened to meet, whether its in cafeteria, on the way to the parking lod, or whever, he kept on asking me where I was from. Or when I will be going home? (Its none of his damn f***ing business)

He'd go on like..oh Btei, how are you? Where are you from? Manipur? Meghalaya? . Keeping my irritation under control, I managed to say that I was from Mizoram. I cannot recall how many times I have told him that I was from Mizoram. And there were many times when I avoided any converstation with him; I sometimes pretend that I did not see him or hear him.

Then, this incident happened again day before yesrteday.

I was sitting in the cafeteria drinking tea with some chips. And of all the people, he was the one who came into the cafeteria at that time and worst of all, decided to join me.

I was like 'Oh no, not him. Oh god, why him? why? of all the people'.

Then just as I thought, the question goes again

Him: Bte, where are you from? Meghalaya?

Me: Yeah

Him: From Manipur?

Me: Yeah

Had he listened to my answer he should have been confused. I did day 'yes' to both when he asked me if I was from Meghalaya or Manipur. But I guess I should be thankful that he did not listen that I need not tell him again that I was from Mizoram.

Then I looked outside so as to avoid any conversation with him. Then he said

You seem to be in deep thought

Smiled politely

You seemed to be in deep thought. What are you concentrating on?

Another polite smile and simple 'nothing important'

Me: Here, have some chips

He was happy to have the chips.

Him: Bte, when are you going home?

Me: Soon

Him: When is that?

Me: When the time comes (rather in a rude tone now)

Then finally to my relief, my saviours came. They were my other colleagues whom I hardly talked to and dont even know their name (shame on me). But I was happy to see them and was relieved that they decided to join us..whew

Then I got up that too without finishing even half of my chips and went back to work.

If this person had read this, I am sure he won't recognize it was him that I talked about.

Now that I am on the subject, let me jsut metion another person who used to asked me all crazy questions about the North East.

Him: Bte, I've heard that in NE, woman can have as many husband as she wants and its a woman denomant states.

Me: No, thats not true. Due to Christianity, a person is not suppose to have more than one spouse

Him: No, that's not true because I have read about it.

C'mon, I haven't heard of any woman having more than one husband...and he think I was wrong.

The other day, while having dinner-

Him: Btei, how come the NE people eat so much meat?

Me: Cos we love to eat meat

Him: No, there's got to be a reason. Don't you have enough vegetation there?

Me: Of course, we have lots. In fact, we eat lots of vegetables

Him: Then why do you all like meat so much? I do not believe that people here become a vegetarian because of religion

Me: It has nothing to do with religion. We like meat and that is why we eat them. It's as simple as that. No other reason. It's cos we love meat.

Him: No, no there's got to be reason.

Thank god, some other came to join us.


benjamin said...

Btei, where are you from :-D

Jason said...

Do the things that most etiquette books say you should not. Burp loudly, or yawn in his face, or spill your drink in his plate. It works. If avoiding such people does not help, propagating the rumour that you are a schizophrenic / psychotic might help. No, seriously, just act weird. Just pretend you are some kind of psycho and pass on the message that you had once stabbed a guy with a fork when you were out on dinner because you did not like the way he sipped his lime soda! Acting like a psycho(not too much effort you gotta put in really!) is fun!

I get asked a lot of questions about Goa. They range from the outrageously weird like "do Goan girls have sex on the beach?" to the more tolerable "Goan mein dharu ekdum jhakaas milta hai na?". I admit that sometimes the sheer stupidity leaves me stumped for an answer! Honestly i havent figured out a way to deal with such questions! Sometimes stupid answers are accepted and actual ones debated!

Maybe i should give them the toll free number of BSNL or something and tell them its the helpline number for what they are looking for!

virgochhas said...


looks to me like we haf a lucky lady who every guy wanna talk to, but once they come in front of her, they got tongue tied and forgot to say watever they were planning to say and then end up syaing wtupid things...


believe in wat i say...itz much easier rather then getting angry..

if u dont like this idea...try :

1] to the first guy - my ancestors travel a hell lot, so i haf the blood of all the different tribes of North-East run in mine...

2] to the second guy - yeah..i plan to haf 50 husbands...wanna be number 50???

also, 'yea, ur absolutely right, we eat human beings too' and after dat say softly 'actually we're cannibals'

i swear they'll never disturb you again


Secret^Admirer said...

Thil eipui tu bakah Blog comment tu thleng hian i duhtui lo a ni maw ka pi! Benjamin and Virgochass ROTFL!!

Almost Unreal said...

@bena..ngei om suh aw :P

@jason...thkns for the suggestion, lol..and grt ideal about the BSNL toll free number

@virgo..good suggestion, lol

@secret^admirer, lolzzzz sual em mai

Sundancer said...

Ballpen sen tui in a hnar mawm ah I thai tawk lo mi? A zawh leh na chuan engmah sawi lo khan ngawi reng khan a hmaichhan ah lei chhuah khum tawn tawn tawh rawh..

virgochhas said...

secret admirer te nei velll...

a la hmu chianglo che ni lo maw


Almost Unreal said...

@sundancer.....kha mi lai khan ball pen hrim2 ka nei lo a lom mole. duhthusamah chuan hmolhte suih sum thra vet vot nei ila, a banah han chhun tlum pok mai i la, lolzzzz


Almost Unreal said...

min hre chiang khop ang ka ring :D

Sundancer said...

Virgo chu secret admirer neih ve loh vangin I thikkkkkkkkk! :PP

Almost Unreal said...

Dik chiah chu2

Geez said...

i hate ppl who ask a lot of questions myself. There's this one colleague of mine who used to hound me with questions after questions. Then i took the turn of answering him back with a simple Q, "Why do you asking me a lot of Qs?" and he was like, "i'm sorry , did i bother u blah2" and i was like, "Ya." and so he stopped from that day onwards. I still politely say Hi to him, ask him to do me favors..LOL.. but i am definitely relieved that he has stopped. My suggestion to u is to just be straight with them, be polite but act annoyed.. LOL.. ho ve mai2 si...hihihi

Geez said...

*** "Why do you always ask me a lot of Qs?" <---correction to dat english..

Almost Unreal said...

geez, apology accepted, lol. Yes, its really irritating when u r shoots wth all kind of questions. If they got nothing better to say, let them keep quite, lol

Henry said...

You rock to the core ! :o)

G-Wiz said...

Cardinal Rule of Employment - Not all colleagues are or can be your friends.

Hehe ... this guy sounds like someone I know. U working at eDaksh Gurgaon?

Almost Unreal said...

@ henry..thx :)

@ g-wiz - hahahaha r u trying to tell me that you had been tormented by this person n his questions? lol. Yes, I am working in Daksh, Gurgaon which is now known as IBM :D. Let me know more, lol

G-Wiz said...

would this person be short, skinny and dark... or potbellied, dusky with wavy hair?

Hehe... I don't get tormented much, seeing that I'm a tortured soul as it is :D

Almost Unreal said...

A bit of pot-bellied, roud face, round eyes with a moustache

G-Wiz said...

ummm... ok, you lost me at the moustache :D

Almost Unreal said...

g-wiz..thank your lucky star that you do not know him...hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Bteii, you write really well! All the coments were funny (n great)! Keep it up!

Almost Unreal said...

@shekhar..thx...u will be knowing the 2 ppl i talked about here...the later one is none other than your 'guru', lolzzzz