Friday, January 26, 2007


My blog had turned one on 24th Jan. Gosh, hard to believe how time flies. I know I am a bit late but been quite busy with my work lately. Visitors, have a cake, lol.

How do I start this blog? Well, it was Jerusha who kept on pressuring me to create a blog and used to tell her 'I am busy' or 'I am not interested'. Many times I forgot to visit her blog and she'd IMed to to check her blog and kept on asking for the link...that irritated her. So, after sometimes I decided to create one and then born the 'Purplepeopleeater'. After that I did not bother to update it and it was Jerusha again who kept on telling me to update my blog.

She'd say....why don't you update your blog?

Next day..Still no update

Then ....... shame on you for not updating your blog..UPDATE

Then I'd say 'Oh I am busy, will you update it for me?'...gosh she used to be mad at me.

Then I started to take more interest in blogging and actually enjoy it. And now its already 1 year old.


illusionaire said...

hehe Happy Anniversary!!! :-)

Me too its been 4 years now since I started blogging :-P

I started blogging when I got the highest mark in IIMB for a paper presentation on the topic "Freedom". That's when I realized I should do something about my writing coz, you know, getting the top mark in an Institute like IIM is not a trivial thing :-)

Jason said...

Happy Birthday Purple People Eater :)
Many you have many many more :)

Sundancer said...

Hepi bah-thri-den!
I lam ang u
Zankhua tlai tluain
I lam ang u :P

Almost Unreal said...

kima, jason and sundancer..thxxxx :)

sundancer, AZZ hla - i lam ang aw khan kan play zankhua zak don nia, side A leh B ah kan thun khat a nga

Anonymous said...

Shekhar: Congratulations on the first aniversery of your blog!

I wish you keep posting such interesting things! :-)

Best of luck for your future (and the future of your blog!)

Almost Unreal said...

shekhar, thank you, thank you, thank you :)