Thursday, January 11, 2007

Party at Sagar Garden

Location: Sagar Garden
Ram Nagar
New Delhi

Event: The ECom BU Party, IBM
Theme: Indian Ethnic
Party meter: 1/2

So, it was another party and this time its the BU Open House party. This means that all the managers will attend the party and you can shoot your questions or issues to them at that time. The party was in a garden, open air and on the first week of jan, can you imagine how the weather would be like? It was very very cold and chilly...brrr....I still shivers at the thought of it.

The party was divided into two sections A and B - A went for the part in the afternoon while B group at night. I was in B and so my time was at night. Gosh, why can't we at least get a holiday on a party like this so that the whole people can go together and the party time be extended. The A Grps's party starts at, I think 12 noon and ends at 5pm. Then the B Grps party starts at 7pm till 12 midnight...gosh...the party sucks. Shouldn't even be called party

This is the place where the party took place-

So, we left the office around 18:30 and reached the venue by 19:00. It was cold, yes, very cold and I was glad to see many fireplaces placed around and I headed straight for one of the empty pot. Near that place, there was this called 'hooka' (?), I am not sure...a kind of pot, I guess but wasn't lit. There we sat for sometimes. There were all kinds of things to eat from roadside chana, golgapa to chiken roast to soup etc etc.

Here is me with my colleages sitting by the fireplace as soon as we reached the venue.

Then...the program start (boooo). Moved away from the fireplace and there were some introductions and some award distribution. Everything took a bit too long..then the question boring and cold it was. Lost my patient to listen longer and so I left my seat to check out the eatables *grin*.

I was surprised to see the girls clad in saree and no sweater..brrrrr...yes, they looked beautiful but ugh....and even the guys...dressed up in their sherwani (?) and without sweater....gosh, I really admire them. Ok, I can understand people wearing the sarees and sherwani but I will never be able to understand thoose guys having an ice cream while the weather was freezing. Think of it, I was wearing two sweaters and added to that was my shawl, my glove and boots and I was shiverring. No hard drinks served to keep yopu warm and beer was served much much later. I had beers, yes and that too with my shiverring hands..hahahaha...and the longer you hold your glass, the colder the beer became and later you can actually ahd a chilled beer. No refrigereator or ice cube required.

Then the program continues and finally the program became lighter. It kicked off with the managers dancing together -

After that there was some dance competition....from United Airlines Process, Yahoo! and then Vanguard.. I watched the UA and Yahoo!...and I cannot make out whether Vanguard showed a drama or musical drama or whatever....then Yahoo! won the competition...Yahoo!!!!

One of the best programs was the live band...I think the band was formed by guys from UA and Vanguard...they gave out 2/3 numbers and stopped. But I really wished that they continue to sing some English songs insead of songs from Rangdebasanti....but may be it was because of the theme.

Had another galss of beer with Beda and Mintu and then later went to have food. ugh..anther disappointing moment...not enough varitety, less choice...not enough food.....this party really sucks. Anyway, we 3 had managed to have our fill. (The next day, one of my clooeagues told me that he didn't have food cos there was no more food....gosh)

Then, the dj finally starts playing the music. This time they hired djVarun (from Decible?, not sure)....good compared to the other djs they used to hire in the previous parties....

I was still having my food when the dj starts playing but after 2 or 3 songs..he announced that tha cabs are waiting ans will be moved at 23:30...ugghhhhh.....its just getting worst, lol.

Here, some had a good 5 minutes of dance.....good to see that they were still able to enjoy the dance

Then the party finally ends..thank god.


Sundancer said...

Nawm loh hmel!~ :P
Vai ho chu an va lam nasa suau suau ve awwwwww
Awi IBM ho style, party thren hnih! Phakarrrrrrrrrrr!

Almost Unreal said...

nuam lo bon ee

'khonge a nuam lo thei ang berin ti teh ang' an ti thin hian ka hria, lol

virgochhas said...


party looks great...but watz with the big frown on ur face (the pit of u and ur colleagues sitting around the fire)

DJ Varun is Club Hip-Hop...he is a guest DJ in Decible on Wednesday and Saturday nights...Decible haf a different house DJ :P ... FYI

i wonder wat song was Varun playin wen u took the picture of the guys dancing...lolz...i dont usually hear him play Hindi songs...and if he is playing one of his hip-hop's, the guys sure dance funny...akekekke...

Almost Unreal said...

@virgo...yeah big frown on my face cos i dont want to go to this party and 2, cos we went straight from office :(

hahaha....yeah I can imagine how funny the the dancing guys look if the dj had played hip hop..hahahahaa...yeah he played Hindi that night..the best way to make this pple dance.

BTW, I dont know who the dj was when we went to Decibel on Christmas eve but that person paled lots n lots of hindi numbers