Thursday, January 18, 2007

Quick update

* The chilling weather now become milder

* I finally got 'sikri' from the washerman (thanks again, bhaiya)

* Still staying alone

* All English channels are banned :(..ended up watching B4U Music and Zoom

* The only English channel now is I actually enjoyed 'Judging Amy' (sob). Gone are the days when Hallmark used to show good movies and only serial. Those days, Hallmark used to be my favorite channel.

* Never trust anyone (a guy) who spend too much time on the internet and especially if he signed up for some dating site or community or chat log or something like Orkut

* Haven't got the time to look for a new job :( when I wanted to so badly. Wish I could give my interview through phone.

* Went to GK-1 Market the other day to get my ear pierced but ended up buying a new pair of jeans (which I love) minus pierced ear.

* There is one pair of shoes that I really really really love but didn't buy cos I feel that I wont be able to afford it at the moment *sob*

* The SmallBiz had turned 2 today (17th Jan 07) and so small celebration was there

* Makes me realized that I will be completing my 2 yrs with IBM next month

* Seeing some photos taken tonight makes me realized that I really really need to lose weight. Start my evening walk from tomorrow. Means I will have to give up some of my sleeping hours.


virgochhas said...

get a computer and a net connection...

am telling you lady...

# i hate giving phone interviews...i never knew wat to say :((

# wherd u got da jeans from?...which shop?...u went alone???

# watz SmallBiz

# dont stop on walking, jog, do watever :P


Almost Unreal said...


# with my busy schedule, no option but opt for phone interview

# from GK..dont remember name of the shop...i still might have their plastic bag :)

# Smallbiz mean Small Business..the property I am handling

# I wont...really need to lose weight :(