Monday, January 29, 2007


Its 3:58 am and I am in the office with nothing to do. Since yesterday there are hardly any work...wonder if I handled even 10 case yesterday. As I slept very badly the other day (hardly 2 hrs), I had a very good sleep in the office, lol.

Today too, got nothing much to work as yesterday. I wonder what happen out one got a problem? if so, its such a relief. I slept for may be 3 and half hours today then I got up, had my bath, dressed up and went to Church. And I was betrayed - batrayed by the person with whom I was suppose to meet at the church. I wasn't ealrly and thinking that she might have waited in the Church by that time, fuming red waiting for me...called her up and she was still asleep. Then it was who turned red.

I was still very very sleepy when my alarm woke me up and actually wanted to continue my sleep. Then I tought of this girl whom I was suppose to meet and tought if sending her sms and made a request not to attent the service. When I was about to type the message, a I asked myself -

All I have to do is get up, take bath, dress up and go straight to Church. This is what God wants. If I go back to sleep, I will bring a smile to Satan's face.

My mind was racing..part of me wants to go back to sleep while something tells me that it was the right thing to do go get up and go to Chruch.

Then I thought of this lady. Since we already made a plan attend the service, I don't want to be the one who cancell the plan and ruin the day or plan for her. Besides, I hate it when people cancelled that are pre-planned. Not wanting to be the kind of person I hate, I finally got up. I don't know which urge me more to attend the service today - 'cos its what God wants or not wanting to be the one to back out. So I went ahead.

Yes, I was late. When I reached the Chruch, offerrings were being collected and I had to sit outside. To my relief, there were some more people who came later than me, lol. Sermon was good.

Anyway, I got back..then went to ATM and bought grapes and wai2, lol. At around 20:15, I left for work as my cab came. Reached office, few mails were in the queue...thus hardly any work today.

Nothing much to do for time pass, read blogs, visited sites for an update on Hollywood gossip like
TMZ, Perezhilton , Justjared. In fact, it was from Justjared that I came to know that Angelina lost her mom (God be with them), who died of Ovian cancer at the age of 56. She was beautiful and too young to die. Of all the sites I used to visit, I Justjared was the first one to update news about this. If you want to see the photo, click here.

For time pass, I have played different online games. I really wish that I am able to play some network games such as Destruction. I do not remember the exact name of that game but I really enjoy that network game. I dare not play Age of Emipire anymore as it gave me a server headache. Tonight, I spent my time playing games from Try it, its quite fun. I am really bored with Orkut but kept on logging in...I guess I am a bit addicted to it...I do not know why I kept on logging in after a few hours.

I will end thsi blog for now..let me try to get some sleep, lol. I know some good foods awaiting at home :)


Sundancer said...

The girl who betrayed you..Pathian a nun ah a mamawh anih chu :DD

Anonymous said...

It is good that you went to Church. I was not aware that you are so well-mannered. LOL......

Hey, strange that you don't have any work at the office! What about all the OTs that everyone used to do in the past? :)
Have they stopped for good?

Almost Unreal said...

@sundancer...dik chiah :D

@shekhar...of couse I do attent chruch service. I guess you were too busy being King of HK that you were not able to recognize that I am well-mannered :P seems that there was problem with filters those two not sure. But when I wen to office on Tuesday, there were 1085 mails. currently, its 900+ :((