Wednesday, March 28, 2007

5 tips to keep memory sharp

I've come across this in Yahoo! Health and thought of sharing it here.

1. Get an uninterrupted eight hours of sleep each night.

- Since I go to office at night, I have to sleep during day. But I guess it could be referred as my night. No way I sleep for eight hours for I don't know how long, I am thankful if I sleep for 5 hrs.

2. Do a half an hour of cardiovascular exercise every day, such as brisk walking, slow jogging, biking, or swimming. This will improve circulation and increase blood flow to the brain.

- Walking; this I do almost everyday

3. Turn yourself upside down for a couple of minutes daily.

- Impossible *grin*

4. Mental fitness activities are imperative to prevent age-related cognitive decline. Read and learn new things, find new hobbies, do crossword puzzles, add up your bill in your head while shopping, memorize a set of phone numbers forward and backwards; all these can stimulate brain cell activities and in some cases even grow new brain pathways.

New hobbies, hmmm. Did some adding in my head. Memorize phone numbers? My phone number and my house number are the only numbers that I memorized.

5. Work with your physician to find a supplemental regimen that helps improve your cognitive capabilities. Memory-enhancing supplements and herbs include B-complex vitamins, magnesium, CoQ10, alpha-lipoic acid, fish oil, flax seed oil, Chinese club moss, ginkgo, and ginseng. A supplement that has been well-documented in Europe for reversing age-related dementia and memory loss is phosphatidylserine (PS), a compound made by the body from the amino acid serine. Taken in supplement form, PS lowers stress response and promotes the release of neurotransmitters in the brain that facilitate thought, reasoning, and concentration.

- Will have to see about this.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Time for Bible Verse

Eternal God

Your word, O LORD, is eternal;
it stands firm in the heavens.
Your faithfulness continues
through all generations;
you established the earth,
and it endures.
Your laws endure to this day,
for all things serve you.

Psalm 119:89-91 NIV

Bless the LORD, O my soul.
O LORD my God, thou art very great;
thou art clothed with honour and majesty.

Who laid the foundations of the earth,
that it should not be removed for ever.

Psalm 104:1 & 5 KJV

And at that time your people, everyone who is found written in the book, will be rescued. Many of those who sleep in the dust of the ground will awake, these to everlasting life, but the others to disgrace and everlasting contempt.

Those who have insight will shine brightly like the brightness of the expanse of heaven, and those who lead the many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.

Daniel 12:1b-3 NASB

Thanks be unto God for His wonderful gift:
Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God
Is the object of our faith; the only faith
that saves is faith in Him.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Quick update

* Been sleeping very badly the past week. No matter what time I go to bed, I tossed and turned at least for 2 to 3 hrs before falling asleep :(

* Taken the habit of drinking Carrot Juice *grin*. It tastes great and I sometime doubt if it is really healthy cos all health drinks never taste good, lol.

The ingredients:

- Nth number of carrots
- Pudina
- Beet root (1)
- Tomato (2)
- Handful of gooseberry, minus the seed
- Lime
- Salt

* Went out for house-hunting on Sunday and it was quite tiring..really hope to find a good house with a good location on time. One funny incident with one of the dealers:

We: We need two rooms flat

Dealer: Do you take non-veg?

We: Yes

Dealer: I know one flat but the landlord might not accept you if you are non veg

We: Ugh..we don't want it, then

Dealer: I will talk to him and if he is willing let a non-veg rent it, then you can take the house. I will let you know tomorrow (which is Monday)

We: How about the location?

Dealer: Location is good, its just opposite to that Heho Honda showroom

We: Alright

Gave him my number. Since I haven't heard from him till today, I guess no agreement.

* We happened to come across some T-shirt (shake, lol) and I ended up buying 4 tees with one pyjama but really worth it as they are quite cheap. One of the Tees happened to be a Gryfindore's tee, lol

* Work's quite hectic...pile of emails

* Rained today and all the clothes that I hanged out to dry are all complain, though.

* Delhi climate is so perfect these days. Had it been a summer weather, I will sure be head over heels in love with Delhi

* Due to my sleepless days (well, have to sleep during days due to work *sigh*), could not resume my walk.

* I just love having steamed vegetables these days

* Saw The Last King Of Scotland and it was such a wonderful movie..a must see

* Heard from an old friend whom I saw last almost a decade sent me an SMS out of the blue. It was surely a pleasant surprise :)

* Not seeing Victoria Beckham's pic on site sure feels good

* Saved the best for last: Someone sent me a teaser in Orkut without knowing what it was for (or so he said, hahahahaa). I actually had to look up the help page to know what it meant, lolzzzzz. Had a good laugh after realizing it. LMAO

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Three cheers to Opera!!!!!!

Thanks to Opera, I am now able to access sites without using proxy :) ..whew..this is such a relief.

One of the sites that I regularly visited is and the site is blocked. Beside this is the blogspot. But using proxy, I had no problem accessing them. And I was able to blog using Then, recently had disabled the non-registered comment and I found that I was unable to post any comment. Each time I tried to login, the server timed out. I was quite lost now. Then like an naswered prayer, one of my friends came online and asked him if he had any idea. He is into PHP and since this site uses wordpress, I asked him any workaround/proxy. That was when he suggest the Opera.

Me: Do you know any good proxy that let me signin and put a comment? The site use wordpress but the proxys that I am using will not either let me login or comment. I tried,, etc..but almost all the same result. I am lost so you gotta help me

Him: What browser do you use?

Me: Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

Him: Use Opera. With Opera, you need not go through proxy.

Me (with new-found excitement): Wow....great. But I don't have Opera.

Him: You will have to download it. Use Mozilla to download it and change the file destination. Download here at and save the file to C:\opera

I did as he told me to. But when I tried to access the site, it still does not load.

Me: Its not working

Him: might have to make change in the network so as to accept the proxy

Me: O..h... but how will I do that and where do I change the network setting? I've never used Opera before and I am lost here.

Him: I don't have Opera at home and so I cannot look into this.

Me (quite agitated now): But how will I do it? I don't know what proxy to use and where to enter that proxy. You've gotta know. Or download Opera yourself so that you can troubleshoot and tell me.

Or you can try in the office tomorrow. (yeah..thats where the problem is, within the office)

(How will he troubleshoot when the site is not blocked at his end, lol)

Me: Ok, I clicked on Tools > Preferences..

Him: Advanced

Opened the Advanced tab and to my releief, found the Network option there. From there clicked 'Proxy Server'....and I was lost again.

Him: You will have to give the IP and Port number for HTTP.

Gosh...where do I find that...ugh..this has taken so much time. And I tought had they not blocked the site, I won't have to go through all this trouble and will work the whole time.

Finally, the could in my brain cleared and understand where to enter the IP and Port.

Then opened a new blank page and YESSSSSS .... wonderful...its like magic, I was finally able to access the site without any problem. Best of all, no proxy required for blogspot too. Wow..this is so great.

Thank you Opera....thank you.

But I have a slight problem. As you can see, the browser would show a duplicated or shall I say twin of the page. Look at the pic for better understanding-

As you can see, while viewing the other post, the front page shows up on the left side. Now I don't know why that happen and I have no clue. I know I will have to go through the Help page or contact their Customer Care.

Any idea as to why this happen? Is the problem with the browser?

I am still very thankful to Opera :)

Friday, March 16, 2007

Missing them a lot

Pic of my nieces and nephews, all so very sweet. Miss you all a lot

Sweetest thing about is his love for insects. He is crazy about all type of insects and would even get up early in the morning to watch ants. Plus, he is the man, lol

The love of my life.
Whenever I talked to her on the phone, our conversation that never miss-

Sarah: Anute, when are you coming home? I really miss you.

I know I can't lie to her and at the same time doesn't want to hurt her feelings

Me: Soon, baby, soon
Sarah: How soon?

This is where I have to think of excuses
Me: As soon as I can get the flight ticket

Sarah (with excitement in her voice): Oh, really? Will you be able to get the the ticket today?

Me: Well, darling, I don't know. You see, I have to go to the office to book the ticket and I might have to stand on the queue

Sarah, her spirit a bit down: Oh, you have to stand on the queue. But make sure that you book the ticket as soon as possible.

Me: Yes, sure, my baby. Sure

This is how our conversation usually end.


He is Jerusha's baby, lol and brother of Mawitea. Strange thiang about this boy is that when you tell him a story (he was around 3 yrs), he'd keep mumbling whatever you said. Then after the story ends, ask him the story and he is able to repeat the whole story.

Mahima and Sangtea:
The sweet brothers. I took care of Mahima a lot when he was still an infant. Strange thing is that he was able to recognize my voice when he was just about 5 months old, lol. Even when it was his sleep time and was about to sleep, if he hear my voice, he would open his eyes and look for me, lol.

Sangtea, really really sweet. He sure looked upto his big bro Mahima. To him, his brother is the best

(LtpR- Mawitea, Sarah, Ririna&Pekkimi, Mahima and Sangtea)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

If wishes come true

I was reading Archie Comics the other day. The gangs were in the POP's chocklit shop when Jughead looked at the menu from 1950s. Seeing the price, he wished that he was in those time when the others reminded him that life was so hard and allowances were less. Morever, they told him that there were no video games, no tvs etc those days. That was when he no longer wish to be in those days.

Then Moose said, "Yes, we should be careful what we wish for. Like we should wish for a fine and sunny weather like today".

Dilton: If we wish for a fine and sunny weather the whole time, there will be no rain and the sea will dry up and we will all extinct

Jughead: Yeah, most of all, all those who work in raincoat factory will be jobless.

Funny but he got a point here, lol.

Then I tought, what if wishes does come true?

* No school/No education: I am quite sure that once in a while we wished that the shcool would burn down so that you need not go to school. So, if that wished had come true, won't there be a burning school almost everyday? Or fall-down school building? lol. So, if one or more of school building collapse everyday, no one will be able to run a school as he/she will be kept busy reconstructing the building.

* Peace on Earth?: I doubt it. What kind of peace we would ask for? Each person's version of peace might be different. May be another person wish for peace with a little excitement while the other want it to be very calm.

* End of terrorism?: What if the terrorist do now wish an end to terrorism?

* End of poverty: It is obvious that we all want to be rich and we surely will wish for richness but what if the other wish the other to be poorer etc etc

So, how will the world be if wishes come true? What will happen to another person when someone wishes that he could turn back time and erase that particular mistake he had done? Will the world be normal if wishes come true? How will the world be? Won't the people of the world be too busy to live a life and move ahead in life?

So, if wishes does come true, won't we all be wishing that wish don't come true?

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Where I earn my bread

Cyber Green, Gurgaon

This is the office where I earn my bread and living.

Stole this pic from a friend's/colleague's Orkut album, lolzzz

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Received this in my email the other day. I took the test to pass the time and here are the results:

I've given the answer at the bottom..try it, its fun

1. Which is your favourite animal amongst these 3?

a. Cat

b. Bird

c. Dog

Though I do not like pet much, I'll go for c.Dog

- c. dog: you let others come first.

Hmmmm....quite true, lol

2. What's your favourite colour?

a. Pink

b. White

c. Black

This gotta be c.Black

- c. black: you live on a tight rope

uh oh

3. The name of a person of the same sex.

Hmmmm 2 names popped up- Esther and Jerusha

- The name is your good luck charm

ok ok...definitely Esther *grin*

4. The name of a person of the opposite sex.

Ok...a few name crossed my mind anddd...Abhishek Bachchan *big GRIN*

- You'll become very, very close to this person


5. What do you prefer....the mountains or the beach?

Definitely Mountains

-Mountains: a marriage that has everything


6. Do you prefer sunrise or sunset?

Hmmm....I am not a morning person and do not wake early enough to enjoy sunrise so I go for sunset

- Sundown:?You are a romantic & you change partners quite happily

Quite true :P

7. Your preferred number between - 1 to 10.

This gotta be 4

- The number that you chose is the number of months it will take you to meet the love of your life!!!!

oh oh...poor Ash, she's gonna be heart broken. Anyway, she can have one of the Mizo guys (hahahaha)

8. Your favourite plant is:

a. Red rose

b. Fern

c. Dead plant

Ummm.....shall I go for a? or b?....will go for a. Red Rose

- Red rose: a good life, but sometimes thorny

Pretty acceptable

9. Your favourite season is:

a. Spring

b. Winter

c. Summer


- Spring: You're a romantic doubt about that :D

10. Now make 2 wishes.....

I've made the 2 wishes and forwarded the email to 5(?) well...haven't heard from Abhi yet, lolzzzzzzzzz



1.a. cat: you love yourself more than anything

b. bird: you love to hear yourself talk

c. dog: you let others come first.

2.a. pink : you are an extrovert

b. white: you are a classic

c. black: you live on a tight rope

3.The name is your good luck charm

4.You'll become very, very close to this person

5.Mountains: a marriage that has everythingBeach: a very calm marriage

6.Sunrise : you are a morning person and you do alot of things

Sundown:?You are a romantic & you change partners quite happily

7.The number that you chose is the number of months it will take you tomeet the love of your life!!!!

8.Red rose: a good life, but sometimes thorny

Fern: a predictable and sure life

Dead plant: you are sick!!

9.Spring: You're a romantic

winter: You're a sweet talker

summer: You have a bit of everyone in you

If you send this e-mail to
1 person, your wishes will come true in one year!
5 persons, your wishes will come true in 2 weeks!
10 people or more, the wishes will come true in 2 days!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Blogspot blocked

Gosh, I am so mad, blogspot in now blocked. Now, when I have to check my blo, I have to use proxy. with the proxy I am using, I am unable to read a comment, give a comment etc not to mention post a new entry. This really sucks.

I have no idea in what right mind make them block the blogspot. Not everyone access it and if they are concerned about the bandwidth..well, they need not worry cos people here dont use blogspot much. If its a bandwidth issue, then they should've block Orkut...everyone accessed it...some remained login during the whole shift.

Gosh...they are making our life from bad to worse...I wonder how harder they are going to make our life out here. for instance, using the metal detactor. Now you would avoid going to the wash room so as to avoid this beeper. C'mon, its so annoying. Ok, I understand that they checked us when we first came in the shift. Now, you go out to drink water, then you will have to be checked. You go to the wash room, you are checked again.....arrggrhhh this is really really annoying and a waste of time. If someone wants to do something bad, I am sure he/she will not have a single problem.

As for this post, I remember the time when the whole ISP blocked blogspot..and Kima bloged about this. So, I send him an sms yesterday asking for that porxy and got a reply from him today. It turned out that he was down with fever....and Halleluiah!!!!! now I am able to blog again :)

Thanks again Kima and hope you to get well soon.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

For Johny

Mama Johnny, as promised, this is my birthday gift to you. I've told you that I will post a naked picture of yours on your birthday, lolzzz. But changed my mind and posted this pic instead...for you.

Many Happy Returns of the day!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Parties - Then and Now

After reaching home from the office, as usual, I was watching Tv with my cousin/roommate and watched SS (Southern Spice) and watched the songs played there. Since the bandh of all the Star TVs program and English channel, we have no much choice but watch other channels like Hallmark (the only English Channel), Zoom, Zee Music, B4U Music...:(. Recently, we found out that this SS Channel (which we never bothered to check) played English songs from 23:30(?) till...I don't know cos we never stayed up that long to find out when this program ends. All in all, all songs were great, from classic, today's, country, rock, heavy metal, etc..all mixed and best of all, no long ads and not as regularly as other channels.

So, back on the subject - as I was saying, we started chatting and talk about all what happened at work, what she did, some funny experiences with customers, etc. The SS channel gave songs like BSB, Blue etc etc.

Then we started talking about parties.

Earlier days, while we were still really young, from the time we reached our teenage..we too used to have parties. Since there are no disc or pub in Mizoram, almost all parties were house parties. So, whenever a prty is planned, there will be some good number of dance music and slow music was a must, means that there should be slow dance moment after 'The Grind'. Slow dancing was really really important.

So, those days, a party planner or a party 'thrower' would prepare for may be two hours of the 'Grind' numbers and after that the scene or the music should be changed into slow music. That's when lovers danced closed to each other, kissing etc etc, lol. Songs such as These arms will never let your heart break (don't remember th singer but I think it was a boy bad who sang I Swear, not sure though), Do you still? (La Bouche), Till Death do us apart, Right here waiting, I will be your man. Then some years passed and the songs include numbers from BSB, Westlife, etc.

Who was the boy I first danced my slow number with? umm..could't recall his name, lol.

And now the party these days. I hardly see slow numbers played these days. Even at house parties, we no longer play these slow numbers. Even if we do played slow numbers, it was simply meant for relaxation, no one bother to dance in the slo number anymore. In fact, slow dancing was quite romantic :).

Here in Delhi, most parties I go to are disc/pub where slow numbers are a 'No no'. And yes, we do dance together...holding hands or arms all over each other but then musics are of hip hop, club, house etc. No matter how much you want to hold each other close and dance, you need to move to the beat of the music...which is fast, lol. C'mon, you cannot slow-danced in hip hop lest you want to attract all the attention...looking awkward, lol.

Miss those slow-danced days.